Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest

Penokee Mountain Ski Trail

The Penokee Mountain Ski Trail is located in the snow belt of Lake Superior. The trail is located on the north edge of a valley providing spectacular views of the surrounding area. An overlook adjacent to the parking lot provides great views of the valley.

During the winter, updates on the condition of this trail can be found at the Cross Country Ski Report.

Trail Length: This is a stacked loop system with loop lengths of 3.2 Km and 8.6 Km.

What to Expect: In spite of being located in rugged terrain, the trail is suitable for skiers of moderate ability. Only the 8.6 Km loop has climbs and down hills that demand intermediate skiing ability. The trail is groomed and tracked for classic technique skiing. Because of the lake effect snow, this trail has some of the earliest skiing on the Great Divide Ranger District.

Penokee Trailheads (parking fee)
From Mellen, drive 3 miles west on State Highway GG. The parking lot is on the right (north) side of the road.

penokee mountain ski trail




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