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Airport Park-Picnickers can watch aircraft land and take off from the adjacent Rock County Airport. Tables and fireplaces are provided. From Beloit, take hwy. 51 north to its intersection with Knilans Road. Picnic tables.


Avon park- Seventeen acres of undeveloped land on the Sugar River in Avon. From Beloit, take Hwy 81 west to West Beloit-Newark Road. Take this road west to its intersection with South Avon Store Road.


Beckman Mill Park-This 50 acre par contains the historic Beckman-Howe Mill, a 1920's grist mill. Visitors can picnic among the mixed oak woods, where tables and fireplaces are provided.


Carver-Roehl Park-A scenic limestone outcropping stretches throughout this 53 acre park. Visitors can observe wildlife as they hike the trails. Take Hwy. 43 northeast from Clinton to South Carver's Rock Road. Go north on this road to the park.. Picnic tables, outhouses, hiking, nature trails, cross-country skiing.


Emerald Grove Park-This 1.5 acre park offers a play area for children. From Janesville take hwy. O east to Hwy. 11-14 in Emerald Grove. Playground.


Gibbs Lake Park-At 299 acres this park is Rock County's largest park, offering fishing and boating on Gibbs Lake, hiking and horseback riding. From Evansville, take Hwy. 14 east to North Eagle Road. Go north to West Gibbs lake Road. Picnic tables, toilets, hiking, cross-country skiing.


Happy Hollow Park-This park provides fishing and boating access to the Rock River. The park's 206 acres are largely undeveloped, except for a hiking trail and picnic tables. From Janesville, go south on Hwy. 51 to Happy Hollow Road. Go west 3/4 mile to the park. Picnic tables, outhouses, hiking, boat landing.


Ice Age Park-Three acres of undeveloped land in Harmony. From Janesville, go north on I-90 to Kennedy Road. Take Kennedy Road north to Sable Drive.


Indianford Park-Located on a dam in the Rock River, this park is a good fishing spot. From janesville take Hwy. 51 north to Cty. F. Folloe F to its intersection with Cty. M. Picnic tables, toilets.


Koshkongong Lake Access-Access for boating and fishing on Koshkongong lake. Take hwy. 59 east of Edgerton to its intersection with Mallwood Road. Follow Mallwood Road to Hillside Drive, go north to Bayview Drive, then turn left at lakeside Drive. Boat access (no formal landing)


Lee Park-Forty acre Lee County Park features a nature trail through a wooded area and into an arboretum, a small stream and a picnic area with a shelter and grills. Visitors can also use the softball diamond. From Clinton, take Hwy. 140 south to its intersection with Hwy. 67. Picnic tables, picnic shelter, toilets, hiking, nature trails, baseball.


Magnolia Bluff Park-This 120 acre park west of Janesville features large rock outcroppings, vistas and bluffs. Visitors can take in the scenery by foot, cross-country ski, or horseback on several three mile trails. Picnic tables and grills are provided. From Evansville, go south on Hwy. 213 three miles to Hwy. 59. Go west three and a half miles on Hwy. 59 to its intersection with Croak Road. Go south on Croak Road to the park. Picnic tables, toilets, hiking, nature trails, cross country-skiing.


Murwin Park-The shoreline of the Yahara River meanders along Murwin Park, providing a launch spot for canoeists who want to meet up with the connecting Rock Riveer just downstream. Take hwy. 184 to Fulton. Picnic tables, outhouses, canoe landing.


Royce-Dallman Park-This three acre Park serves primarily as an access to Lake Koshkongong for small fishing boats, but a picnic area is also provided. From Milton, go North on Hwy. 26 to Cty. N. Take Cty. N east to Charley Bluff Road and go north to park. Picnic tables, toilets, boat landing.


Schollmeyer Park- Visitors can fish and launch their canoes on Turtle Creek on this half-acre site. From Beloit, take Cty. S north just past its intersection with Hart Road. Canoe landing.


Sugar River Park- This heavily wooded, swampy park on the Sugar River provides a launch and take-out point for canoeists and boaters. Anglers will find and abundance of catfish and bullheads. From Beloit, take Hwy. 81 west to South Nelson Road. Go south to the park. Picnic tables, boat landing.


Sweet-Allyn Park-Located on Turtle Creek southeast of Janesville, this park offers a place to picnic play softball and fish. The picnic area includes a shelter, tables, grills and electricity. From Janesville, take Hwy. 51 south to Hwy. 351. Go east to Cty. j. Follow J to the park at Shopiere. Picnic tables, picnic shelter, toilets, baseball, playground.


Walt Lindemann Sportsman's Park-This nine acre park is popular for family picnics. It is home to the White-Tailed Deer Display and the County Cooperative Pheasant Rearing Project, both of which are open to viewing. Take Hwy. 51 north from Janesville. The park is on the highway near its intersection with Hwy. 14. Picnic tables, picnic shelter, toilets, playground.





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