Canoeing the Namekagon River, Wisconsin

Expert paddler Mike Svob has been canoeing and kayaking the rivers of the Midwest for 30 years. He paddled more than a thousand miles to complete these books. Below are brief descriptions of the canoe trips that Mike goes into detail with in his books with maps. The maps are very useful, showing rapids, take in and take out points and other things of interest.


Namekagon-1-Hayward to Springbrook Landing-Sawyer and Washburn County-15.7 miles. This is some very relaxed paddling for novice and experienced paddlers. The water levels are usually adequate for paddling all summer. Despite the nearness of highways and the presence of several dams the river has a consistently wild character. There are several riffles and Class I rapids alng the way. There are about a dozen campsites on this stretch of river.Put in at the DNR station on Hwy. 27.You will see several small islands alnog the way. The river is narrow and winding for the first couple of miles. After the river widens Fiddlers Creek enters from the right and Spring Creek from the left. At 8.3 miles you reach Stinnet Landing. Here the river narrows to about 30 feet. Both upstream and downstream from Groat Landing at 11 miles are numerous curves and Class I rapids. Take out at Springbrook Landing on the left.

Namekagon River 1




Namekagon-2-Springbrook Landing to Trego Visitor Center-Washburn County-12 miles. In this stretch fast water runs through narrow areas, alternating with slower water in wider spots. There are at least a half dozen primitive campsites maintained by the Park Service. Put in at Springbrook Landing river left. Within the first 4 miles a half dozen creeks enter from both sides of the river. Occasional riffles and rapids continue all the way to the big oxbow. Two houses on the left indicate the oxbow is about to begin.. At this point the river widens and slows down for several miles. Next you go under the North Road bridge near Earl. Earl Park Landing and campsite are just downstream from the bridge. The river gets narrower until you come to the Hwy. 63 bridge. Not long after the bridge is the take out at the Visitor Center in Trego.

Namekagon River 2




Namekagon-3-County K to McDowell Bridge-Washburn and Burnett County-20 miles. Below the Trego Flowage the landscape is remote and undeveloped and quite varied. There are many campsites along the way. This is a great part of the river for fishing, and seeing all kinds of wildlife. Put in at the landing alongside Hwy. K. Good parking is provided.The river starts out narrow and winding, withfrequent islands and sandbanks. after 1.5 miles a stream comes in on the left, followed by a big island. Further downstream Christensen Creek enters from the right with a house near the mouth.. A half mile further is Whispering Pines Landing on the right at 9.5 miles. The river widens and slows for awhile after that. In a right hand bend at 12.2 miles Casey Creek and McKenzie Creek enter from the left.. You pass Howell Landing at 14.2 miles and Fritz landing at 18.1 miles. Take out at McDowell Bridge Landing on the right at 20 miles.

Namekagon River 3




Namekagon-4-McDowell Bridge Landing to Riverside Landing-Burnett County-15 miles. This last stretch of thr river has the best rapids before joining the St. Croix. The final portion of the river is wider than the upstream parts, but it is still wild, remote and curvy. You can choose from 21 campsites along this part of the river.Put in at McDowell Bridge Landing, The river widens and slows downafter you put in with a couple of big bends and large islands.. Webb Crek enters from the left. The Totogatic River appears on the right, followed by a couple of cabins. At 6.5 miles the river flows under the Namekogan Trail Bridge. A landing is located just downstream from there. There are several pleasant riffles after the bridge. You will paddle several Class I rapids before you reach the st. Croix. After the rivers merge there are several long Class I rapids especially in the main channel around Big Island.. Take out at Riverside Landing up-stream right from the bridge.

Namekagon River4