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Bullhead Lake Public Access-Boat landing and fishing pier, noted for sizable populations of walleye, crappie, perch and bluegill. From manitowoc take Cty. JJ west to the west county line. When JJ turns north, continue for 1/2 mile to Bullhead lane, which leads directly to the lake. Outhouses, boat landing.



Carstens Lake Public Access-Boat landing and fishing pier on 20 acre Carstens lake. The lake has been stocked with northern pike and bass. From manitowoc take Hwy. 42 south 3 miles to Carstens Lake Road. Turn east and continue 1/2 mile. Outhouses, boat landing.


Cedar Lake Public Access-Boat landing aned fishing pier on 139 acre Cedar Lake, the largest inland lake in Manitowoc County. It hosts populations of northern pike, bass, perch, crappie and bluegill. This site also has a picnic area. From Manitowoc take Hwy. 42 south 10 miles to Cty. XX. Turn west and go 5 miles to Cedar Lake Road. Turn south and go 1/4 mile. Picnic tables, boat landing.


Cherney Maribel Caves County Park occupies 75 acres on the West Twin River north of the Village of Maribel in the Town of Cooperstown. A rugged cliff line, generally paralleling the river, separates the gently rolling, partially wooded upland area from the wooded lowland adjacent to the river. The foot of the cliff line contains small caves and openings in the rock layers.The upland wooded area and its fringes have been developed with facilities for picnicking and hiking. Picnic tables, grills, a picnic shelter, toilet facilities, and playground equipment are provided in or near the picnic area. Additional trails are located in the area of the park above the cliff line. Portions of the openland have been planted in seedlings in a reforestation project. A staircase and trail system has been constructed for greater accessibility to the scenic lowland area.Location: County Highway R Directions: Take Interstate 43 North from Manitowoc to STH 147, East on STH 147 to CTH R. North on CTH R approximately 1 mile. Driveway to the East.


English Lake Public Access-Though used primarily for fishing and boat access to 51 acre English Lake, the site also contains a picnic area with grills. Anglers will appreciate the 70 foot long T-shaped pier. From Manitowoc take Hwy. 42 south 2 1/2 miles to English Lake Road.. Turn west and go 2 miles to Brunner Road. Travel 1/2 mile to the entrance road to English Lake. Picnic tables, outhouses, boat landing.


Fischer Creek Conservation Area is the most recent addition to the Manitowoc County Park System. This 160 acre site was purchased by the State of Wisconsin using Stewardship money along with a contribution from Manitowoc County. The property is owned by the State and developed and maintained by the County.Portions of the property lie on either side of Fischer Creek. The landscape on both sides of the creek sloped down to the bed of the watercourse and then slopes easterly to Lake Michigan. The property contains a number of abandoned agricultural fields, grassy meadows, and lowland forests. The only development on the property is the two parking lots, a toilet building, picnic area and recreation trails.Location: County Highway LS
Directions: Take Highway LS South from Manitowoc approximately 8 miles. Driveways to the East.


Gass Lake Public Access-Boat landing and pier on 6 1/2 acre Gass Lake, best known for largemouth bass. From Manitowoc take Hwy. 42 south to Gass Lake Road. Turn east and go one mile. Boat landing only.


Harpt Lake Public Access-Boat landing and fishing pier on 20 acre Harpt Lake, noted for its populations of walleye, largemouth bass and black crappie. From I-43 exit at Maribel, go east 2 1/2 miles to Hwy. 147 to Harpt Lake Road. Turn north and proceed 2 miles to North Lake Road. Turn west and continue 1/8 mile. Boat landing only.


Hartlaub Lake Public Access-Boat landing and fishing pier on 38 acre Hartlaub Lake, known for its northern pike, bass, walleye and panfish. From manitowoc take Hwy. 42 south two miles to Hartlaub Lake Road. Turn east and go one mile to the lake. Boat landing only.


Horseshoe LakePark-Manitowoc County maintains an 8.5 acres park at Horseshoe Lake. An attractive picnic area with grills, tables and playground equipment has been developed on the hillside northwest of the parking lot. A picnic area with a grill and a small shelter and toilet are located near the parking lot on the lower level. The lake access has a pier, which is used for both launching and fishing. This 19-acre lake offers good rainbow trout fishing as well as large mouth bass, crappie, bluegill, perch and northern pike. Use of motors on this lake is prohibited. Location: County Highway XX Directions: Take Highway 42 South from Manitowoc, West on County Highway XX approximately 3 miles. Driveway to the South.


Long Lake County Park occupies 4.5 acres on the northeast shore of this 117 acre lake. The park provides public access for boating and fishing and has been developed into an attractive picnic area. Facilities located here include a concrete boat launch ramp, pier, fishing pier, picnic tables, grills, playground equipment and a toilet building. A small open area is available for recreation activities.Northern pike, large mouth bass, walleye, perch, white bass, bullhead, crappie, bluegill and pumpkinseed can be fished from shore or boat. Long Lake is also a popular spot for ice fishing. Operating restrictions on motor boats and waterskiing are posted at the access. Location: Boot Lake Road, Town of Rockland Directions: Take County Highway JJ West from Manitowoc, through the un-incorporated area of Collins. Continue West on County Highway JJ approximately 4.5 miles to Long Lake Road. Travel north 1.5 miles to Boot Lake Road. East on Boot Lake Road .5 miles to driveway.

Lower Cato Falls is a major County park centrally located within Manitowoc County, approximately 8 miles west of the City of Manitowoc on County Trunk Highway JJ.
The total area of this scenic park is 84 acres. The park itself is divided into two distinct landscape areas: an upland area on which most of the development has occurred and a lower area along the river, which will generally remain in its natural state.The park is very scenic with its wooded hills, rock outcroppings and a wide variety of trees and vegetative cover. The Manitowoc River, which forms the northern boundary of the park, flows through a narrow gorge that has unique rock formations and a waterfall area. Park visitors have an impressive panoramic view of the river from various scenic overlooks. Location: County Highway JJ Directions: Take County Highway JJ West from Manitowoc approximately 8 miles. Driveway on the North side of the road.


Pigeon Lake Public Access- Boat landing and fishing pier on 77 acre Pigeon Lake, best known for walleye and northern pike. Water skiing and boating are popular activities here.From Manitowoc take hwy. 42 south seven miles to Cty. F. Turn west and travel 2 1/2 miles to Pigeon Lake Road. Turn north and go 3/4 mile to the access. Boat landing only.


Shoe Lake Public Access-Boat landing for non motorized boats on nine acre Shoe lake. Anglers will find bluegill, largemouth bass, green sunfish, pumpkinseed, black crappie, suckers, bullhead and an ocasional northern pike. From Manitowoc take Hwy. 42 nine miles south to Cty. X. Turn west and proceed seven miles to Lax Chapel Road. Turn south and go 1/4 mile to Shoe Lake Road. Turn west and continue to access. Boat landing only.


Silver lake wayside park and boat launch ramp at Silver Lake have been developed on 12 acres of land leased to Manitowoc County by the Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity of Holy Family Convent. The park offers an excellent family picnic area, complete with a shelter, grills, tables and toilet building. A concrete boat ramp and pier are available for launching canoes, sailboats and rowboats. Motors, except for electric motors are restricted from the lake by Town ordinance.The lake itself is 55 acres in size, almost divided into two separate lakes, by a long narrow neck located in the middle. The wooded margins of both sections of the lake and Silver Creek, offers the delights of bird watching, especially at the time of the spring and fall migration of warblers.Silver Lake provides an excellent opportunity for families to fish from shore or by boat. Even though the majority of the fish that are caught are rough fish, there is still many other types of fish such as large mouth bass, northern pike, perch and panfish Location: U.S. Highway 151, Town of Manitowoc Rapids
Directions: Take Highway 151 West from Interstate 43 approximately 1 mile. Driveway to the South.


Spring Lake Public Access-Boat landing on on eight acre Spring Lake, where anglers will find northern pike, largemouth bass and bluegill. From Manitowoc take Hwy. 42 south seven miles to Cty. F. Turn west and go 3 miles to Spring Lake Road. Turn south and go 1/2 mile to East Spring Lake Road. Turn west and continue to landing. Boat landing only.


Tuma Lake Public Access-Boat landing on 15 acre Tuma lake. The lake provides good fishing for walleye as well as bass, bluegill, perch black crappie and northern pike. From I-43 exit at Maribel turn east on Hwy. 147. Go 2 1/2 miles to Harpt Lake Road. Turn north and go one mile to West Tuma lake Road. Turn west and travel 1/4 mile to Lake Road. Then turn south and continue for 1/8 mile. Boat landing only.


West Twin River Public Access-Located on a wide bend in the river near Shoto, this site is used primarily for boat and fishing access. Picnic tables are also provided. From Two Rivers take DCty. VV west two miles to the park. Picnic tables, boat landing.


Wilke lake Public Access-A boat landing on 97 acre Wilke Lake, this site also contains a picnic area with grills. The lake is most noted for its largemouth bass, northern pike and walleye. From Manitowoc take Hwy. 42 south eight miles to Point Creek Road. Turn west and go five miles to Wilke Lake Road. Turn north and go 1/8 mile to the access. Picnic tables, outhouses, boat landing.

Walla Hi County park is located approximately 4 miles east of Kiel in southwestern Manitowoc County. The park, consisting of 160 acres, was acquired in 1977.
The park features a scenic drive through the park along with several trails winding through the beautiful kettle moraine landscape. One of the park’s most appealing characteristics is the great diversity of environments, varying from heavily wooded areas to large open expanses. The park also contains several small springs flowing into crystal clear streams Location: South Cedar Lake Road Directions: Take Highway 151 West from Manitowoc to CTH A, South on CTH A approximately 6.5 miles to CTH XX. Travel west on CTH XX 1.5 miles to Louis Corners Road. Turn South on Louis Corners Road, which turns into South Cedar Lake Road at approximately 1 mile. Continue South approximately 1 mile to the driveway on the west side of the road.




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