Canoeing in Wisconsin


Riot Kayaks-The Tour Lite 16 is designed to go fast and far! With its symmetrical shallow V hull and straight keel line, this boat has what it takes to convert paddling into an intense and pleasing adventure. Its round chine also provides a solid leaning stability to let you take advantage of all the maneuverability this boat has to offer, while the roomy compartments provide enough space for extended weekend adventures.


Eddyline Kayaks-Nighthawk 16
If there was ever a sports car made for water this kayak would compete with it. Light, sleek and nimble, the Night Hawk moves through the water with ease and carves turns with a slight lean. The moderate initial stability transitions to a solid secondary as you lean with no surprises in store. This kayak invites you to expand your paddling skills and rewards you for doing so.

Kiwi Kayaks-The Aurora is a stable kayak that glides effortlessly on lakes, bays and ocean waters yet short enough for easy maneuverability, and quick turning. Unique are the scalloped concave / convex linear hull curves which make paddling the Aurora a joy.


Nimbus Kayaks-The Klemtu is ideally suited for day touring, bird watching, photograghy, just idling along to your favourite fishing hole or enjoying your time on the water. The Klemtu, unlike most other short kayaks is still a paddler's boat, offering good stabilty, comfort and excellent speed for its size


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