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Altpeter Park is located in the North Shore area of Lake Koshkonong on Lamp Road. The park is used by nearby residents and has a large grassy area with play equipment.Existing Facilities: Play ground and open play area

Bicentennial Park is located on Highway 26 between Jefferson and Johnson Creek. The 22 acre Jefferson County Dog Park opened on the site in November of 2003. About 65 acres of open space on a drumlin outside of the dog exercise area is equally divided between cropland and an oak-hickory woodland located on the east slope of the drumlin. The woodland is in transition from oak-hickory to maple-basswood woods. The northern part of the woodland has a population of spring ephemerals that put on a good spring flower display.Existing Facilities: Dog exercise area, picnic tables, portable restrooms, parking for 25 cars

Burnt Village Park is located on the east side of Highway N on the banks of the Bark River. This narrow park is used as a wayside for fishing, river access for boats and canoes and relaxing.Existing facilities: Parking lot, boat/canoe ramp, picnic tables

Busseyville Park is located in the hamlet of Busseyville on Highway 106 about 8 miles west of Fort Atkinson. The park is adjacent to the Town Hall. Picnicking and play are the primary activities.Existing Facilities - Parking lot, picnic tables, grills, restrooms, basketball court, play equipment and open play area, backstop

Carlin Weld Park is located near Palmyra and Eagle and features the rugged topography of the Kettle Moraine area with uplands, steep kettles, a man-made pond, and lowlands with an ephemeral stream. The park is used for picnics, hiking, nature study, sledding, fishing, ice fishing, ice skating, horseback riding, model aircraft flying and relaxing.Existing Facilities - Parking lot, shelter, pump house with two benches, restroom, playground, picnic tables, grills, hiking trail, man-made pond, savannarestoration, open space for play.

Cold Spring Creamery Park is located just north of the historic hamlet of Cold Spring on County Road N. The park is used as a wayside, for picnicking and has a historical marker marking the place where Abraham Lincoln's horse was stolen in 1832 while he was camping for the night on his way home from the Blackhawk War. The park is often used as a staging area for bike rides.Existing Facilities - Shelter, picnic tables, swing set, hand pump

Dorothy Carnes Park is located on Radloff Lane just north of Highway 12 west of Fort Atkinson. The park contain about 29 acres of prairie, 29 acres of oak-hickory woods, 20 acres of rolling grassland with open grown oaks, 22 acres of agricultural land 16 acres of rolling wooded kettles and a two acre wetland. The park is on the west and south shore of Rose Lake marsh, on of the most diverse waterfowl areas in the county. The park is used for hiking and cross country skiing, nature study, bird watching, picnicking and dog walking. The 1800 sq. ft Carol Liddle Pavilion was built in 2003 and received a Wisconsin Park and Recreation Association Excellence in Design Award. Nearly 2 miles of nature trails, with seven seating benches, start at the shelter. The shelter and a packed limestone trail leading to an overlook of the marsh are ADA accessible. The main trails are woodchip and mowed grass.Existing Facilities - Parking lot, trails, shelter, hand pump, picnic tables, restrooms, benches, woods, prairie, grassland and wetland. In June of 2006, electricity became available at the shelter.

Historic Indian Mounds Park is located on Koshkonong Mounds Road south of Fort Atkinson. Eleven Indian effigy mounds are visible in the park. A trail takes visitors through the woods to all the mounds and includes part of an ancient Indian trail.Existing Facilities - Parking lot, hiking trail, picnic table

Joy Park is located on County Road F about one mile north of I-94 on the shores of Spence Lake. The park is used as a wayside and for picnicking, fishing and bird watching. A desire path extends from the mowed area to the lake.Existing Facilities - Parking lot, picnic tables

Kanow Park is located in an oxbow of the Rock River on Rock River Road just north of Hwy 16 about 1.5 miles east of Ixonia. The park is used for picnicking, fishing, active play, relaxing, and as a canoe launch.Existing Facilities- Parking lot, shelter, playground, restroom, picnic tables, grills, open play area, benches along the river, short riverbank trail.

Korth Park-Located in Lake Mills on Rock Lake, Korth Lane E of County Highway S. Korth Park was purchased in 2000 to protect the water quality and fish habitat of Rock Lake. A packed limestone bicycle trail along the shore of Rock Lake connects Cedar Lane to Elm Point Road. A connecting trail to the Glacial Drumlin Trail, just to the south, was completed in 2003 on land purchased by the WIDNR. This trail connection creates a loop path around Rock Lake.Existing Facilities - 28'x40' wooden shelter on Elm Point Road, packed gravel trail along Rock Lake, restrooms, grills, connecting trail to Glacial Drumlin Trail, shoreline restoration, prairie restoration and tree planting.

Pohlmann Park is on Highway 18 and Duck Creek Road between Helenville and Sullivan. It is used for picnicking, as a wayside, and for walking. The park is just south of the Glacial Drumlin Trail. One unique feature of the park is the remnant of a silo with a mural of the four seasons. Pleasant trails weave through a pine plantation and a fieldstone wall, typical of those seen on farms in the area, marks the north edge of the park. A monument commemorates the Pohlmann family who farmed here.Existing Facilities - Silo with 4-seasons mural, shelter, restrooms, picnic tables, hand pump, grills, trails through pine trees

Upper Rock Lake Park is on County Road B and Rock Lake Road on the north end of Rock Lake near the City of Lake Mills. The northern section of the park is located at the top of a hill overlooking the lake and has a natural character. It is used for picnicking, hiking, dog walking, and play. It also features a looped wooded nature trail and a picnic shelter.Existing Facilities - Parking lot, 24' x 50' refurbished shelter, restrooms, picnic tables, grills, hand pump, swing set, wooded trails.

Lower Rock Lake Park is on County Road B and Rock Lake Road on the north end of Rock Lake near the City of Lake Mills. The Town of Lake Mills has jurisdiction over the boat ramp, Park Drive and the shoreline. The park is used for access to Rock Lake, for picnicking, active play and bird watching. The park itself is on the south side of County Road B and a boat parking lot is no the north side of the road. A tunnel connects the parking lot with the park. The Town of Lake Mills charges $5 per day for use of the boat ramp or $20 annually. Swimmers enjoy the rock-based beach.Existing Facilities - Boat and car parking, refurbished shelter, restrooms, hand pump, picnic tables, and playground

Rock River Park is located on County Road B about one half mile west of Johnson Creek on the shores of the Rock River. The users of the park enjoy the boat landing, fishing, picnicking, open space and a flowing artesian spring. People come from miles around with jugs for the spring water. The shelter and restrooms are ADA accessible. The river shoreline has been stabilized with riprap.Existing Facilities - Parking for cars and boats, boat/canoe ramp, shelter, restroom, flowing spring, picnic tables, grills

Rome Pond Park is on County Road F about two miles south of Sullivan and adjacent to the Rome Pond Wildlife Area. The park is leased from the Department of Natural Resources and provides access to a WDNR boat ramp, the wildlife area hunting grounds, and a picnic shelter.Existing Facilities - Parking lot, shelter, restrooms, picnic tables, grills, hand pump

Welcome Travelers Park is located at the intersection of Highway 59 and County Roads D and U. The park is used for picnicking, pick-up games, soccer, relaxing and as a wayside.Existing Facilities - Parking lot, 20X30 shelter, picnic tables, grill, playground equipment, bleachers, backstop.





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