Canoeing in Wisconsin

Old Town Guide 160-Our Guide canoes represent a breakthrough in design and construction, using a special adaptation of our PolyLink3 process that provides a durable, stiff and affordable canoe. With its unique cross-section and stabilizing chines, the Guide 160 delivers exceptional stability, as well as rugged durability. And its sharp entry provides a surprisingly efficient paddling canoe. Stable enough for fishing or nature watching, yet versatile enough for family outings - all at an affordable price!


Mad River Explorer-Royalex (rx)
Lighter than Triple Tough, multi-layered, oven-fired Royalex® is the choice when durability matters most. This material has no peer in shrugging off submerged rocks, hard landings or careless handling. Low maintenance, too.


Spirit Canoes- Handcrafted cedar strip construction, which adds natural beauty. Fibreglass cloth and epoxy resin, adds strength and durability. Hand-woven nylon seats constructed on a cherry frame for your paddling comfort. Gunwales, yokes and spar shaped from solid cherry


Feather Canoes- Feather Canoes are both beautiful and fun, strong yet light. Each one crafted individually by Mac McCarthy, who has built hundreds of canoes in the past 25 years.


Hellman Canoes-The Quetico 16 is great for the novice paddler, or solo paddler. The modern design of this canoe makes it totally unnecessary to have a keel. This canoe has very little rocker, quite a flat bottom and very little upsweep at the bow and stern.


Clipper Canoes-The 16' Ranger is easy to paddle solo. When paddled in the traditional style with the canoe healed over and the paddler kneeling near the center, you will find that it is exceptionally maneuverable and predictable.