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CLAM DAM PARK-Located three miles east of Highway 35 between Webster and Siren. Facilities include a picnic area with outdoor grills, picnic tables, shelter, well, rest rooms and fishing benches along the Clam River. Canoe landing is located along the bank on the south side of the river, east of the dam. Access to park from Peterson Road or from Pike Bend Road. Take Hwy, 35 north of Siren to Krueger Rd, go 1 mile to Pike Bend Road and turn left. Take Pike Bend Road to South Dam Road. Picnic tables, picnic shelter, outhouses, boat landing.

CLAM FLOWAGE ACCESS-Rest room. Boat and canoe landing on east side of the Clam Flowage. Access from Cutler Road. From Danbury take County F west to South River Road Go south 1 1/2 miles to Cutler Road, then go west 1/2 mile. Outhouses, boat landing,

DEER LAKE-Located on the west shore of Deer Lake, seven miles east of Highway 35 & 77 intersection then north of 77 on West Deer Lake Road, approximately one mile. Boat ramp, picnic table and grill.

DEVILS LAKE BEACH-Located four miles northeast of Webster on the northeast shore of Devils Lake. Facilities include a swimming beach, bath house, rest rooms, and a boat launching area with a handicapped dock. From Webster, take Hwy. 35 north to County C. Go east on C to Devil's Lake Road. Outhouses, swimming,beach, dressing rooms, boat landing.

EAGLE LAKE ACCESS-Access is located on Look Creek down stream from Eagle Lake in Section 34 of East Swiss, off Eagle Lake Road. Canoe and small boats only. From Danbury, take Hwy. 35 north to Lake 26 Road Go to Eagle Lake Road and turn right. Boat landing only

GODFREY LAKE ACCESS-Two miles east of Hwy. 35 on Godfrey Lake Road, just north of Polk Co. line. Steep landing suitable for small boats and canoes. Parking limited to a couple vehicles. Take Hwy. 35 just north of Polk County to Godfrey Lake Road and go east two miles. Boat landing only.

JEFFRIES LANDING-Located two miles north of Webster on the east shore of Yellow Lake.Facilities include a picnic area with grill, rest rooms and a boat launching area with a dock. Large parking area.This park is adjacent to the Gandy Dancer Trail. Take Hwy. 35 two miles north of Webster to Jeffries Lake Road. Picnic tables, outhouses, boat landing.

LAKE 26 PARK-Located seven miles east of Danbury on the northeast shore of Lake 26.Facilities include a swimming beach, rest rooms, picnic area with outdoor grills, and boat launching area, a handicapped dock, and parking lot.A 20 station nature trail is also adjacent to this park. Take Hwy. 35 north from Danbury to Lake 26 Road. Go east past Eagle Lake Road to Elliot Johnson Road and turn right. Picnic tables, outhouses, swimming, beach, nature trails, boat landing.

LITTLE McGRAW LAKE ACCESS-Located three miles east of Highway 35 on St. Croix Trail. Limited to canoes and small boats. Take Hwy. 35 north from Danbury across the St. Croix River. Turn right on St. Croix trail and go 2 1/2 miles to the access. Boat landing only.

MALLARD LAKE ACCESS- Boat landing on the southeast shore of Mallard Lake. Located an the south east shore of Mallard Lake off of Norman's Landing Road in the Town of Sand Lake. From Siren, go north on Hwy. 35 to Hwy. 70. Take 70 east to County X. Take X to Emerson Road and go north 1 3/4 miles to Gaslyn Road Turn right and turn right again on Mallard Cut-Across Road and right again om landing Road. Boat landing only.

MEENON PARK-Located between Webster and Siren on the east side of Highway 35. The Park features a picnic area with outdoor grills, picnic tables including a wheelchair accessible picnic table and rest rooms; a 40 x 50' stone and log park shelter, and a canoe access and about 1/2 mile of river frontage along the Clam River. Take Hwy 35 north from Siren. Signs indicate the exit to the park, located on the east side of Hwy. 35. Picnic tables, picnic shelter, outhpuses, boat landing.

MINERVA DAM AND CANOE ACCESS-Located 1-1/2 miles east of Danbury on Loon Creek. The dam controls the water levels on the Loon Creek Flowage and Minerva chain of lakes. Offers shore fishing as well as canoe access above and below the dam. Small parking lot located at the north end of Flowage Drive.

RALPH LARRABEE PARK-Located approximately 1-1/2 miles south of Danbury on the north east shore of Round Lake. This land was donated so that families would have a recreational area with a natural swimming beach. This park is adjacent to the Gandy Dancer Trail. From Danbury take Hwy 35 south to Round Lake Road and go about 200 yards. Swimming, beach.

RAY AND EVELYN PARDUN MEMORIAL ACCESS-This parcel of land was donated to the county by the Ray Pardun Estate. Located on the Yellow River between Danbury and Webster, south of Glendenning Road, east of Glendenning Bridge. Rustic canoe landing and small parking area. Take Hwy. 35 north from Webster to Glenndennig Road and turn left. Boat landing only.

THORESON AMERICAN LEGION PARK-Located on Wood Lake, this park's picnic area includes a grill, picnic shelter and a whell accessable picnic table. Take Hwy. 70 south to Cty. Y and go south two miles. Picnic tables, picnic shelter, outhouses, dressing rooms, playground, boat landing.

YELLOW LAKE NARROWS-Located between Big & Little Yellow Lakes, picnic tables, fishing benches, and boat landing. From Webster Lake take Hwy. 35 north to Cty. U Go 2 1/2 miles on U to North Lake Road and then south to Park Streetr and go 1/2 mile to Yellow Lake Road. Turn left. Picnic tables, boat landing.




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